3D Studio Max


At the end of this course, the participant shall create their first models directly within the first lesson. The course shall follow the standard 3D creation process, which can be broken down into the modeling, animating, material and lighting phases. They will also address specific issues related to mental ray rendering, an advanced rendering engine which is included with 3DS Max and offers realistic renders whilst being user friendly. Basics of modeling shall then be developed further through more detailed examples, and a separate chapter on rigging of models shall be delivered. Materials shall be supplemented with UV texturing techniques commonly used in film and game development. Finally, we shall also discuss particle systems and how these can be applied to good effect.


Any person wanting to create 3 dimensional graphics and animate them using 3D Studio Max




5 days (36 hours)


1. Introduction

  • Main themes
  • Using files and exercises
  • Software presentation
  • A few 3D Studio projects
  • Real and virtual creation


2. Animation


3. Cameras

  • Angles


4. Compositing Multiple Layers

  • Layers


5. Data Management / Interoperability


6. Dynamics / Simulation


7. Effects


8. Lighting


9. Materials / Shading


10. Modeling


11. Rendering


12. Rigging / Setup


13. Scripting


14. UI / Object Management