English Courses – Beginner Level

ELC Professional Center offers English language courses that focus on oral and written communication, as well as specialized courses in reading texts. The latter are for participants whose passive knowledge of English is strongly recommended.

A placement test is REQUIRED BEFORE any course enrolment (exception: prior course successfully completed).


Here is a list of the levels offered:

  • Beginner;
  • Advanced beginner;
  • Intermediate;
  • Advanced intermediate;
  • Advanced.




Once the course is completed, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand and use familiar everyday expressions as well as very basic phrases aimed at satisfying concrete needs;
  • Introduce themselves or someone else;
  • Ask a person to answer questions about themselves and answer similar questions;
  • Communicate in a simple way if the other person talks slowly and clearly as well as show they are cooperative.


The public





Grammar Content

  • overview of the phonemes of the language;
  • spelling;
  • vocabulary: names and common adjectives;
  • cardinal and ordinal numbers;
  • singular and plural;
  • the most common irregular plurals;
  • definite and indefinite articles;
  • question words;
  • conjugation of the most common regular verbs in the present tense;
  • use of the verbs BE, DO, HAVE;
  • the simple and progressive tenses;
  • the future with BE GOING TO and WILL;
  • question forms;
  • personal pronouns (subject and object);
  • prepositions;
  • possessive and demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.