At the end of this course, the participant will be able to create a tailor-made application without programming, to efficiently manage their data, to inquire and extract data as well as update the information, to accelerate and carry out data entry by using simple forms, to present their findings in a concise and professional manner, to print out invoices, labels and personalized reports, and to import and export data to other programs


Positions in development and some Web specialists


Knowledge of Windows and common functions in Windows-based software or equivalent operational skills


3 days (21 hours)



What is a data file

  • Creating a database
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Opening a database
  • Visualizing a database
  • Positioning in files
  • Lookup in data files
  • Changing data
  • Lookup and replacing
  • Data entry
  • Adding a recording
  • Deleting a recording


Creating a data file

  • Creating the structure of a file
  • Data entry of a file
  • Types of fields
  • Creating a file
  • Attributing an index
  • Changing the structure
  • Field properties
  • Using the Wizard to create a file


Managing data in files

  • Simple index
  • Complex index


Importing and exporting data


Printing data


Using Help


Establishing standards


Extracting data according to one/many conditions

  • Simple conditions
  • Multiple conditions on a field
  • Multiple conditions on many fields


Sort results of request


Create calculated fields

  • Simple formulae
  • Using functions


Regrouping data

  • Grouping
  • Compiling summaries, averages, etc.


Link many tables

  • Extract various table fields
  • Joint properties


Using the Wizard to create a request


Define the parameters needed to create a proper request


Massive update


Massive deletion


Create simple formulae

  • Objects and types of objects (controls: fields, buttons, text, etc.)
  • Size and location of controls
  • Deleting controls
  • Aligning controls
  • Formatting controls


Adding controls

  • Radio buttons
  • Boxes
  • Text
  • Fields



  • Validation
  • Specific properties for certain controls
  • Form properties


Gather objects from other software

  • OLE concept


Establish standards to get a good form


Use the Wizard to generate a statement


Producing a simple statement

  • Disposition of fields on statement
  • Representation of fields on statement
  • Sections concept


Producing a group statement

  • Sorting information
  • Summaries and calculations


Labels for mass mailing

  • Formatting
  • Calculated fields for labels
  • Preparing data for fusion



  • Prepare data
  • Create chart


Choose and create an adequate data presentation


Use generators

  • Useful commands
  • Useful functions


Initiation to direct commands

  • Instructions
  • Functions