Mac OS X


At the end of the course, the participant will have acquired all the skills needed to efficiently and reliably use MAC OS X Lion. They will then be able to use and configure the graphic environment.  They will be able to describe the MAC environment, use the « finder », manipulate files, use and set parameters of basic software, as well as solve problems.


Users and administrators




3 days(21 hours)



1. General presentation of material and software


  • History (review)
  • Evolution of the Mac OS X system
  • Difference between Mac OS X Leopard and Mac OS X Lion
  • Evolution of computers
  • Main principles of the file system
  • Specifics of  Mac / PC


2. Connexion

  • Connexion panel
  • Auto-connexion


3. Presentation of « Finder » (desktop) 

  • Manipulation of volumes, folders and files
  • Menu and keyboard modifiers
  • Manipulation of the content from a text file
  • Manipulation icons and folders
  • Create aliases to access documents faster
  • Multitasks and process management
  • Delete documents and Trash
  • Personalizing windows
  • Specific tools: Dashboard, Etc.


4. Applications and users  

  • Advanced use of command interpretor in text mode
  • Advanced use of windows graphic interfaces
  • Printing


5. Using the mouse

  • Display contextual menu in one single button
  • Select multiple disjoints


6. Apple Menu

  • Hibernation
  • Restart computer
  • Close session


7. The Dock

  • Choosing the active software
  • Add/maintain an application, document
  • Setup (position, size, special effects)


8. Mac OS X Lion Software

  • Launching(Dock or Applications).
  • Manipulation of windows
  • Saving a document in a folder
  • Printing and sending a fax
  • Switch between applications


9. Look up

  • Presenting Spotlight
  • Standard user programs
  • Web navigator
  • E-mail manager
  • Text editor
  • PDF and chart formats
  • PDA and mobile phone synchronization tool