The Company

ELC Professional Center was founded in Laval in 1994 by Sylvie Chamberland. We begin our history with language training. Ever mindful of the needs of its clients, in 1996, ELC Professional Center opened its subsidiary in IT, which includes office automation, multimedia, programming and more … As of 2000, the Center’s family increased with the addition of professional services, such as translation, simultaneous interpretation and the secretarial services. In 2003, we incorporated a creative side by offering design and computer graphics (2D-3D), multimedia services as well as technical support. In 2006, the Center joins GJBC Group, to offer human capital services. In order to better serve our clients, we have recently added other services such as: video production, virtual services, management services, event planning, office rentals (short and long term), as well as telecommunications services.


Thanks to its team, ELC Professional Center has known a steady growth.  Backed by its start-up team, it now counts more than fifty collaborators whose mission is to offer quality training and services tailored to your needs and expectations.


The diversity and versatility of its staff are ELC Professional Center’s lifeblood. Each team member is specialized and contributes to the achievement of complete customer satisfaction, by sharing their knowledge. Teamwork is privileged and is a key element that guarantees ELC Professional Center’s success.



Specializing in training and business services in languages, computer science, multimedia, translation, management, organization, human capital, IP telephony … ELC Professional Center has a qualified team ready to perform an analysis of your needs. Depending on your requirements, our staff can offer solutions and practical alternatives, so as to maximize the effectiveness of your actions, all while honouring your company’s targets, market, clientele and position.


With regards to training, ELC Professional Center acknowledges that companies operate in a constantly changing technological environment and that each participant’s knowledge and needs vary. Thus, we carefully analyze the needs of each client before starting training.


We offer tailored services and training, whether for personal or professional reasons, to companies and individuals who want to remain competitive.


We are constantly listening to the market, allowing you to increase efficiency and productivity in the corporate field, whether for employees or employers, by providing training that meets their needs.