Windows 8


Once the course is terminated, the participant will be able to use the new functions in Windows 8, master setting techniques of the new Metro interface, master the system start-up performance, master the new stocking possibilities (iCloud, ISO or VHD images), optimize system performance and availability, and migrate from XP, vista, 7 to Windows 8.


Users and administrators


Know Windows XP, Vista or 7


2 days (15 hours)



1. Installation and configuration of Windows 8

  • Range of CPUs
  • Managing licenses and the new authentication process
  • Recommendations
  • Post-installation settings
  • Upgrade from a previous version of Windows
  • Recovery of user environment
  • Migrating from XP, Vista or 7 to Windows 8 (Migrating data and user settings)


2. Changes in the METRO interface

  • Convergence of mobile interfaces, iPads, and PC
  • Nothing is imposed by Microsoft (double interface)
  • Integrating the tactile interface
  • New reflexes to have with the Metro Style interface
  • How to improve office performance?


3. New Windows 8 techniques

  • Novelties
  • The App store (Windows Store)
  • Boot option to start-up faster or repair
  • Visual passwords
  • Using ISO and VHD files in Windows 8
  • iCloud solutions
  • Managing USB 3.0 devices
  • Dynamic RAID contribution (Stores Space)


4. Managing apps in Windows 8

  • Windows Store
  • Communication between apps
  • Dynamic display of information
  • New possibilities of the tasks manager


5. Synchronization of data and apps

  • Connected products offered by Microsoft (services Live)
  • Importance of Live account in Windows 8
  • Access data everywhere
  • Setting techniques between user account and Live account
  • iPads that can switch to 3G mode
  • Skydrive’s storage possibilities
  • Performance
  • Link between Skydrive, computer, Live account
  • Windows Live (photo gallery, calendar, Live Mail, …)
  • Sharing the same data between many devices and apps
  • Find the settings on another devices (Sync PC settings)
  • iCloud Security


6. Full integration of Live services

  • Synching omnipresent data (apps, devices, …)


7. Configuring disks and drivers in Windows 8

  • Partitioning disks
  • Volume management
  • Disk management
  • Installation and configuration of drivers
  • Virtual disks


8. Ensure network is connected to Windows 8

  • Configuration IPv4 and IPv6
  • IPV6 services
  • Automatic allocation of IP addresses (DHCP)
  • Domain name (DNS)
  • Network troubleshooting (ping, netstat, …)
  • Introduction to Wi-fi
  • Accessing Wi-fi network


9. Accessing files and printers

  • Managing file access
  • Shared files
  • Compression
  • Printer management
  • Introduction to SkyDrive


10. Migrating to Windows 8

  • Microsoft solutions
  • Third party tools
  • Migrating the OS
  • User data (office, certificates, bookmark, mail, etc.)