A list of 25 common French words

Let’s face it, French is hard to learn. Its grammar is different than in English, and you have to pronounce things properly. But learning basic terms can help. So here is a list of 25 common words used in French.

Word Definition
auparavant Beforehand, previously
bis a musical encore at the end of a concert; detour or diversion
bouffer to be full; have volume
chouette owl; great, nice or cool
coucou (exclamation) hello, hi, peek-a-boo; cuckoo (clock)
doué gifted
égard respect
génial genius, inspired; great, cool
incontournable inescapable, inevitable, or indispensable
intéressant interesting, attractive, worthwhile
justement exactly
lendemain the next day, day after; future
maîtriser to control, overcome, suppress; to master
malin Shrewd, cunning
normal normal
occasion chance, opportunity
piège trap
piger to get it
pinard cheap wine, plonk
projet intention; plan
rater misfire, miss, fail, bungle, miscarry, to mess up
taux rate
toucher to touch; to approach, be/go near; to affect
untel so-and-so
vachement really