Androids and iPhones


At the end of this course, the participant will have learnt how to use the parameters of the iPhone or Android, in order to use the standard applications of the device.  They will be able to use their professional or personal workstation (e-mail, contacts, photos, music, etc.) with the device.  iTunes is, therefore, used.


The public




1 day (6 hours)



The fundamentals

  • Start
  • SIM Cards and their information
  • Locking – unlocking – standby
  • Who to call in case of problems?
  • Connecting to your computer
  • Restart and initialization of iPhone
    • Basic notions
    • “Physical” view of iPhone
    • Mechanical actions
    • Welcome screen for applications
    • Sorting accessories of iPhone/iPad
      • Standard software
      • Standard navigation in various applications
      • Using Safari
      • Photos and videos
      • Screen capture
      • Finding photos/videos using a location
      • GPS
      • Display modes
      • Taking notes
      • Creating a weather “journal” for many cities


Setting of the iPhone/iPad

  • Basic settings
  • Configuration
  • “Plane” mode
  • Ringtones, volumes, vibrating
  • Change wallpaper
  • Connect to Wi-Fi


Contacts and telephone

  • Contacts
  • Create a new contact
  • Import contact using iTunes
  • Lookup, modify or delete a contact
  • Create a favourites list of contacts
  • Send a contact form by mail or MMS



  • Settings
  • Sending e-mails outside of the office or home
  • Understanding the vocabulary (SMTP Server, POP and IMAP)
  • Creating an account and parameters
  • Sending secure e-mails
  • How to improve the speed of sending e-mails



  • Philosophy
  • Linking equipment and software
  • Menus
  • Store data
  • Reading lists
    • Purchases
    • What can we buy
    • The applications
    • “Best off” applications lists
    • Using non official apps
    • Authorizing a computer to use a purchase
  • Synchronization
  • Precautions
  • Changing computers



  • Saving / restoring
  • Updating the exploitation system
  • Restoring to factory settings
  • Restoring from a saved setting
Intelligence Artificielle - IA


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