Choose your Location or at a Distance

At ELC Professional Center, all our services and training are offered:


At the workplace

A tour offices

At a distance

You do not have to travel as usual. You save traveling expenses. Take advantage of a positive learning and working environment.     Learn at your own pace, where and how you like.


Why travel to learn? Opt for our distant learning solution.

By merging suppleness, independence, diversity and quality of our training and services, ELC Professional Center offers a very seductive option:

  • Limit your travel time and time loss
  • Improve or further your training regardless of the time or location constraints
  • Benefit from our expertise by paying only for the services that you use


Choose among the following means of dissemination:

  • Video-Conference
  • Telephone ;
  • Internet :· Others …
    • Skype ;
    • MSN Messenger ;
    • Yahoo Messenger ;
  • Other


Training and services can be given during or outside of regular business hours.  Just specify your availabilities.