Computer Courses

Whether you are a user or a programmer!

Improve your knowledge by using our simple method!





Develop your abilities to use the chosen software

Employ various ways to use computer supports

Assist in applying various technologies on a daily basis

Better manage your time and priorities


Training is available:

  • On Windows and MacIntosh
  • In French and in English


Update your computer skills, take a course that lasts 3 – 6 – 9 hours!


Contact us for more information:

450-667-3934 Send an e-mail


Act regarding 1%

Our training services are accredited by the “ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale” and are subject to the Act regarding “compétences de la main d’œuvre sur la formation”. You can find all the information regarding this Act on the following Website (please note, the information is in French only):


As we are an organization that is certified by Emploi-Québec, we are able to fill out all required documents for you. Moreover, we can even find the contact person at Emploi-Québec!


Do not wait until the end of your financial year to prepare your training activities!