Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive business world, patrons are never taken for granted. Customer satisfaction is mainly based on the quality of interpersonal relationships. It’s a pleasure that is renewed each time a customer communicates with a company.

Marketing studies have found that about 40% of a company’s satisfied customers are likely to stay loyal to it. Less satisfied customers generally don’t hesitate to go elsewhere.

Thus, it is essential to take steps to improve and retain customer service. ELC Professional Center offers a service that aims to increase work efficiency and personal satisfaction. The importance of customer service is a powerful tool in a competitive world, because it costs a lot more to get new customers than it does to retain existing ones. Besides, it pays to know your clients well and better meet their needs.

Excellent customer service depends first and foremost on the sales staff!



Here is a list of our courses on the following theme: Customer Service

  • Intervening with dissatisfied customers,
  • Effective telephone communication.
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