English – Advanced Intermediate Level


Advanced intermediate participants already know many aspects of the English language. They are familiar with some topics and are able to communicate their ideas easily; however, they still need to review some grammatical elements of the language. At this level, the training focuses more and more on the participants’ strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the main content of concrete or abstract subjects in a complex text, including when using technical language in his field of work.
  • Communicate spontaneously and easily when having a conversation with a native speaker, there should be no tension for either person.
  • Express themselves in a clear and detailed manner on a wide range of topics, give their opinion about a subject in the news and discuss the benefits and inconveniences of various possibilities.

They will speak clearly and discuss about various subjects of interest. They will work on their understanding using a variety of means of communication and writing. Reading a novel or an essay is part of the program.



Anyone whose mother tongue is not English.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course.



Having taken the intermediate level course or having passed the placement test.



  1. Communication Content
    • Express cause and consequence
    • Speak about feelings and describe someone’s personality
    • Use positive and negative feelings and moods
    • Discuss wishes, hypotheses and their consequences
    • Using verbs, express involuntary actions
    • Write an article on past events
    • Express and discuss about various subjects of personal and professional interest
    • Defend an opinion, express disagreement
    • Briefly recount the plot of a book or film
    • Talk about interpersonal and relationship experiences
    • Recount what someone said
    • Read and write about descriptive texts
    • Write a text on a variety of common subjects that are related to their interests
    • Offer real and unreal hypotheses
  1. Grammatical Content
    • Review verb tenses
    • Subject + verb agreement
    • Present Perfect, simple and progressive
    • Past Perfect,simple and progressive
    • Modals
      • Can, could, may, might, would, would rather, had better, etc. 
    • Passive voice
    • Relative clauses
    • The passive voice using get
    • Adverbial clauses of time
    • Modals and expressions
      • Would you mind, have got to, etc.
  1. Vocabulary
    • Vocabulary
    • Idioms
    • Expressions of quantity
      • Few and a few
      • Little and a little
    • Expressions
      • Used to vs. be used to
    • Expressions of cause + effect, contrast
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various topics


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