English – Intermediate Level


The intermediate level participants adequately use, both orally and in writing, the following verb tenses: Simple Present, Present Progressive, Simple Past, Past Progressive and Future. In addition, they use the negative and interrogative forms of these verb tenses.

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the essential points when a clear and standard language is used, as well as when it is about familiar things.
  • Cope with most situations while traveling in an area where the targeted language is spoken.
  • Speak simply and coherently about common topics and in fields of interest.
  • Recount an event, an experience, or a dream, describe a hope of a goal, and briefly discuss the reasons or explain a project or idea.

They will learn to communicate personal interests and on varied topics. They will work on understanding discussion about various subjects as well as understanding various means of communication. They will use grammatical rules in writing. Reading a short novel and / or short texts. This pedagogical approach is mixed and focused on communication.



Anyone whose mother tongue is not English or who would like to improve their language skills.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course.



Having taken the advanced beginner course or having passed the placement test.



  1. Communication Content
    • Locate past actions in time and express duration and frequency
    • Talk about a past action
    • Speak over the telephone
      • take, leave, and transmit a message
    • Express feelings and interests
    • Give a summary and tell a story in the present
    • Express a recent past action
    • Express habitual past actions
      • describe people, objects, and locations in the past
    • Describe characteristics and the purpose of an object
    • Future expressions
    • Give advice and express certainty, uncertainty, and ignorance
    • Write a text, give information
    • Write a short biography
    • Recount past events by using discourse connectors
    • Verbalize a wish
    • Express various feelings
      • hope
      • indifference
      • enthusiasm
    • Prohibition, obligation, impersonality, and habit
    • Tell a story in the past using discourse connectors
  1. Grammatical Content
    • Verb tenses
      • Past and Present (simple and progressive forms)
      • Review irregular verbs in the Past
      • Present Perfect
      • Present Perfect Progressive
      • Past Perfect
    • Introduction to past participles of common irregular verbs
    • Gerunds and infinitives
    • Passive form
    • Adjective clauses
    • Comparatives and superlatives
    • Expression TO BE BORN
    • Adverbs of time, duration, and frequency
    • Connecting ideas using and, but, or, so, either, neither, because, even though, although
    • Verb + gerund and verb + infinitive
    • Phrasal verbs
    • Verb + preposition
  1. Vocabulary
    • Vocabulary
    • Expressions with the future
    • Expressions of quantity
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various subjects
      • expressing a wish
      • analogical expressions


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