French – Advanced Begginer Level


Advanced beginner participants have some basic knowledge of French (vocabulary, a few sentences and verbs) and can communicate the simplest ideas. These individuals progress quicker than beginners when it comes to acquiring new knowledge.

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Communicate orally and in writing regarding relatively simple tasks
  • Discuss daily activities
  • Ask questions
  • Get information about something
  • Choose and object and purchase this item
  • Give advice
  • Ask permission
  • Verbalize projects
  • State past actions
  • Describe habits, people and objects using the past tense
  • Compare people and things
  • Communicate about simple and usual tasks that do not require a lot of exchange on the subject



Anyone whose mother tongue is not French.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course (exception: having taken and passed the prerequisite course)



Having passed the course for beginners or the placement test



  1. Thematic Content
    • Ask and answer questions about actions
    • Identify, describe and locate a person, object or location
    • Make or reject a proposal
      • Offer an alternative
    • Talk about one’s tastes, feelings, physical and psychological being
    • Describe an object or a person
    • Express actions happening at the moment and in the past
    • Give an opinion
      • Offer advice, give an order
    • Ask for information
    • Using the past, tell a short story
    • Compare
      • Tastes and preferences
  1. Grammar

    • Personal pronouns that are direct and indirect objects of a sentence
    • Present tense of pronominal verbs
    • Interrogation, including inversion
    • Negative sentences with COD or COI object pronouns
    • Continuation of past tenses
      • imparfait
      • passé composé
      • passé récent
    • Future
      • distinction between future and near future
    • The y pronoun
    • The en pronoun
    • Partitives
    • Comparatives:
      • plus…que
      • aussi…que
      • moins…que
  1. Vocabulary
    • Features of an object for sale or for purchase
      • Size
      • Color
      • Etc.
    • Characteristics of a country or city
    • Description of a person
    • Vocabulary about meals in a restaurant
    • Time markers:
      • il y a
      • depuis
      • pendant
      • pour
      • dans
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various subjects


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