Business French


The French Business course is designed for professionals who want to write quality texts that are clear, concise and precise. To maximize control of the administrative and business language, we will approach this aspect by studying the basic rules of the French language, and then apply them to the business aspect of the language itself. Participants will be able to improve these concepts within specific situations in their workplace.


This training is divided into three main sections: improper expressions, grammar as well as vocabulary and stylistics. The section on improper expressions will serve to “purify” the written language before expanding on them. The second part is a review, as well as further learning of the grammar rules that are essential in forming a basic sentence. The participants will then be able to improve their skills by learning supplemental vocabulary and using a refined style. Gradually, the participants will learn to express their ideas properly when writing an administrative communication.



Any person wishing to improve their Business French skills.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course (exception: having taken and passed the prerequisite course).



Knowledge of French or passing the French placement test.



  1. Improper Expressions
    • Anglicism
      • Semantic Anglicism
      • Syntax Anglicism
      • Graphic Anglicism
    • Quebec expressions
    • Language levels
  1. Grammar
    • Verbs
      • Moods and tenses
      • Subject – verb agreement
      • Agreement of past participle
      • Present participle – verbal adjective
    • Nouns
      • Forming the feminine of some names
      • Forming the plural of some names
      • Plural of foreign words
      • Plural of proper names
      • Plural of composed names
    • Pronouns
    • Adverbs
      • Types of adverbs
      • Forming adverbs in -ment
      • Place of adverbs
    • Articles
    • Adjectives
    • Prepositions
  1. Vocabulary and Style
    • Correction and clarity
      • Words
      • Phrases
    • Precision
      • Words
      • Synonyms
      • Homonyms
      • Paronyms
      • Antonyms or opposites
      • Barbarism or solipsism
      • The sentence
      • Characterization
    • Conciseness
      • Words
      • Elegant structure
      • The sentence
      • Deleting subordinates
    • Interest and efficiency
      • Words
      • Euphemisms
      • Repetition
      • Alliteration
      • The sentence
      • Units and measures
      • Transitions
      • Terms in expressions
  1. Administrative Correspondence
    • The letter
      • Form of a letter
      • Content of a letter
      • Types of letters
    • E-mail
    • The memo
    • Notification to attend
    • Bulletin
    • Report
  1. Communications
    • Know how to listen
      • The importance of listening
      • Rules of intelligent listening
    • Know how to read
      • Why read?
      • How to read
      • Professional readings
    • Know how to speak
      • Oral communication
      • On the telephone
      • The interview
      • Meetings and conferences
      • Speeches
  1. Business Style
    • The importance and goal of business communication
    • Psychology in business communication
    • Qualities of efficient communication


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