French – Advanced Intermediate Level


Advanced intermediate level participants already know a lot. They are familiar with some subjects and can communicate their thoughts easily when conversing with a French native speaker; however, they still feel the need to review some grammatical aspects. At this point, the course is increasingly focused on the participants’ strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Communicate orally and in writing to carry out elaborate tasks regarding their social and professional life
  • Understand the essentials when a clear and standard language is used
  • Produce a coherent speech on subjects and fields of interest
  • Describe a goal and briefly speak about the reasons or explanations for a project or idea
  • Communicate spontaneously and with ease, such as in a conversation with a native speaker where there is no tension for either party
  • Clearly express in details subjects of a wide variety
  • Express precedence to the past and future
  • Express obligation, will, possibility
  • Formulate hypotheses
  • State what a person said by using the present

This course offers practice and an enrichment of the French language that is required to communicate when using precise and detailed content. During the class, the participants will learn new vocabulary and systematic complex grammatical notions to express feelings, possibilities and wishes. Tasks and activities will be carried out in order to produce structured texts that comply with the subject – verb agreement notion.



Anyone whose mother tongue is not French or who would like to improve their skills.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course (exception: having taken and passed the prerequisite course).



Having passed the intermediate level course or the placement test.



  1. Thematic Content
    • Express recent action in the past
    • Describe features and meaning of objects
    • Give advice and express certainty, uncertainty and ignorance
    • Express wishes
    • Discuss various emotions
      • Hope, indifference, enthusiasm
    • Show prohibition, obligation, impersonality and habits
    • Make suggestions
    • Tell a story in the past by using logical connectors
    • Express cause and consequence
    • Express hypotheses and their consequence
    • Show and give arguments on various personal and professional subjects
    • Defend an opinion, show disagreement
    • Quote a speech
  1. Grammar
    • Irregular verbs in the present and spelling modifications
    • Continuation of verbs in the past
    • Tenses used in indirect and direct speech in the present
    • Hypotheses
      • si + imparfait
    • Future, near future, anterior future
    • Present and past subjunctive
    • Continuation of the past participle agreement
    • Subject – verb agreement
    • Vouloir, pouvoir, devoir + infinitive
    • Falloir + noun or + infinitive
    • Adverbs
    • Conjunctions
    • French expressions
    • Relative pronouns
      • qui, que, où, quoi, dont
    • Subordinate sentence
    • Continuation of possessive pronouns
    • Continuation of demonstrative pronouns
    • Negative expressions
      • ne…plus
      • ne…jamais
      • ne…personne
      • ne…pas encore
      • ne…rien
    • Syntax and sentence construction
  1. Vocabulary
    • Wish created during group events
    • Personal wishes
    • Adverbs used to express possibility
      • peut-être
      • probablement
    • Temporal connectors
    • Positive and negative sentiments
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various subjects


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