French – Advanced Level


Advanced level participants know and master most of the grammatical and syntactic rules. They express themselves easily and have a remarkable ability to communicate with native speakers.

At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Communicate orally and in writing to carry out elaborate tasks regarding their social and professional life
  • Understand essential content of concrete and abstract subjects in a complex text, including technical conversations in their field
  • Express themselves on complex subjects in a cleat and well-structured manner and show they master organizational, articulation and cohesion tools
  • Express the past
  • Show condition, prohibition, concession, opposition, doubt, and certainty
  • Give advice and arguments about their opinion
  • Formulate hypotheses using the past tense
  • Quote a person’s speech in the past
  • Accept or refuse un a nuanced manner

This course improves the participants’ skills when using precise and nuanced content. The participants will learn the appropriate use of specialized vocabulary related to work. They will increase their complex grammatical concepts to express hypotheses, concession and prohibition. Tasks and activities will be carried out in order to be able to present their arguments in a coherent and well-structured manner.



Anyone whose mother tongue is not French or who would like to improve their skills.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course (exception: having taken and passed the prerequisite course).



Having passed the course for advanced intermediates or the placement test.



  1. Thematic Content
    • Express actions in a nuanced manner using adverbs and adjectives that enrich and increase vocabulary
    • Talk positively and negatively about emotions and state of mind
    • Express involuntary actions using pronominal verbs
    • Give realistic and unrealistic hypotheses
    • Give opinions, debate ideas and react to a situation
    • Understand a presentation and debate on a variety of subjects
    • Understand a contemporary literary text
    • Briefly summarize an event, a book or a movie
    • Spontaneously interact with native speakers
    • Report a speech
    • Express hypotheses using the past tense
    • Discuss and give argument on contemporary themes (movies, media, work, environment, education)
  1. Grammar
    • Knowledge consolidation
    • Agreement for verb tenses:
      • passé composé, imparfait, plus-que-parfait
    • Tenses used to discuss indirect or direct speech in the past
    • Conditional in the past:
      • si + plus-que-parfait
    • Opposition: infinitive / indicative / subjunctive
    • Past participle
    • Verbs followed by the prepositions à and de
    • Sentence analysis
      • Function of the constituents
      • Types
    • Relative pronouns
    • Double relative pronouns
    • Time adverbs
    • Double negatives
    • Subordinate conjunctions
    • Homophones
    • Punctuation
    • Spelling
    • Synonyms and antonyms
  1. Vocabulary
    • In group settings, conversation about wishes
    • Nuanced expressions used to accept or refuse
      • je serais ravie(e) de…
    • Time connectors
    • Personal wishes
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various subjects


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