French Courses – Intermediate Level

ELC Professional Center offers French language courses that focus on oral and written communication, as well as specialized courses in reading texts. The latter are for participants whose passive knowledge of French is strongly recommended.

placement test is REQUIRED BEFORE any course enrolment (exception: prior course successfully completed).


Here is a list of the levels offered:

  • Beginner;
  • Advanced beginner;
  • Intermediate;
  • Advanced intermediate;
  • Advanced.




Once the course is completed, the participant will be able to:

  •  understand the main points when clear standard speech is used and for familiar things at work, school, leisure, etc…;
  •  deal with most situations that are likely to arise whilst traveling in an area where the language is spoken;
  •  speak simply and coherently on familiar topics and areas of interest;


This course is not for people whose mother tongue is French.


Knowledge of French, advanced beginner



Grammar Content

  • present, past and near future tenses;
  • pronominal verbs;
  • negative forms of pronominal verbs;
  • numbers: hundreds and thousands;
  • the pronoun y;
  • the pronoun en;
  • prepositions;
  • vouloir, aimer, préférer+ infinitive;
  • faloir followed by the infinitive;
  • past progressive of verbs;
  • present subjunctive: il faut + infinitive vs. il faut que;
  • comparison of names;
  • partitive articles;
  • ne … plus, ne … jamais;
  • conditional with si;
  • adverbs of quantity;
  • comparison of adjectives;
  • avoir besoin de;
  • venir de, être ne train de;
  • time clauses;
  • business language;
  • office language.