Knowledge Assessment Services

  • You need to react quickly to evolving conditions on the market,
  • You want to take stock about your company and about the personnel’s aptitudes,
  • You would like take charge efficiently in order to get through an intense period of major changes,
  • You want to energize your task force and ensure the production of concrete action plans.


In addition to its basic training and consultation activities, ELC Professional Center offers the possibility of a company diagnostic that will enable you to establish a “tailored” training program that meets your needs.


Companies and organizations that are apt at:

  • redefining the skills that they need,
  • integrating their personnel’s needs into their business strategies,
  • and institutionalizing learning,

prosper more in an environment where change is the only constant.


Training for your employees is important to you, for us, it is a priority!



  • Trust:
    • Relational value that guides all our management, training and consulting interventions by establishing trust between each party,
  • Respect:
    • Moral value that guides our communications and our exchanges with our clients,
  • Responsible execution:
    • Conduct value that guides support activities and the measures needed to implement these changes,
  • Innovation:
    • Added value that guides the conception and evolution of our services with regards to our clients’ requirements.



  • Organizational diagnostics,
  • Developing organizational performance:
    • Analysis of work situation,
    • Performance assessment tools,
    • Dashboards,
  • Developing manpower:
    • Consultation,
    • Skill assessment,
    • Skill development plan,
    • Tailored training,
  • Managing change,
  • Managing priorities and planning work,
  • Operations management:
    • Tools,
    • Processes,
    • Employee manual,
  • Code of ethics and code for life,
  • Managing purchases,
  • Sales and customer services,
  • Onsite coaching,
  • Interpersonal and organizational communications,
  • Recruitment and hiring:
    • Posting,
    • Interviews
    • Negotiation…



Implement a “Winning Formula”!

At a time of job transformation and job insecurity, organizations are looking to maximize:

  • Flexibility,
  • Entrepreneurship and moral audacity of their numbers.


In order to grow and evolve with the company’s mission, employees and executives must be able to:

  • Adopt new attitudes,
  • Learn new skills.


A plan to optimize the contribution of human resources will enable companies and organizations to stand out from their competitors, and offer their personnel the opportunity to:

  • Know what to do,
  • Be able to do it,
  • Want to do it,
  • Have the tools to do it.



We offer consultation services for:

  • Company diagnostics,
  • Implementation of dashboards and performance indicators,
  • Intervention strategies specific to particular situations,
  • Reengineering processes,
  • Intervention in human resources, sales and supplies.


Each and every consulting mandate is measured in concrete terms with understandable and accurate deliverables. They are defined in time and we highlight S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, acceptable / accepted, realistic / achievable, time / deadline as defined in time).


Intelligence Artificielle - IA


Formation et assistance (coaching) sur l'IA.

Possibilité de subventions pour cette formation.

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