Online Training

  • Are you looking for an online language course?
  • Does your agenda constantly evolve?
  • Do you want to learn a language, but also want to avoid expensive traveling and time loss?
  • Are you looking for an affordable course without compromising quality?


At ELC Professional Center, we have the right combination for you: a unique and efficient, pedagogical approach with total flexibility.

Using our online training, you can learn to write in your chosen language as well as understand it. You choose to go at your own pace and create your own path.

This course distinguishes itself by its flexibility. The participant downloads the notes and work to do. Then, they return them to the instructor for correction.

This type of training enables our clientèle to learn a language as if they were in a foreign country thanks to a structured itinerary. You will begin to write, all in an amusing and spontaneous fashion by learning the grammatical aspect and vocabulary of your chosen language.

This type of learning is gratifying, and you will progress without realizing it.

Act 90 – Act regarding 1 %

If you are an employer whose annual payroll is $2,000,000 or more, then you are subject to the following Act: Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, also known as the “1% Law”.

For more information regarding these grants, please click on the link listed above.

Do not wait until the end of your financial year to plan your training activities!