Outlook 2003


Upon successful completion, the participant will be able to: identify the components of the Outlook 2003 environment and compose and respond to a simple message; compose messages; use folders to manage mail; schedule appointments; schedule meetings, manage contacts and contact information; create and edit tasks; create and edit notes.


The public




4 days (30 hours)



Getting Started with Outlook 2003

  • Log On to Outlook 2003
  • The Outlook Environment
  • Compose and Send a Simple Message
  • Open a Message
  • Reply to a Message
  • Print a Message
  • Delete a Message


Composing Messages

  • Address a Message
  • Format a Message
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Attach a File
  • Forward a Message


Managing Mail

  • Open and Save an Attachment
  • Flag a Message
  • Create a Folder
  • Move Messages to a Folder
  • Copy Messages to Folders
  • Delete a Folder


Scheduling Appointments

  • The Outlook Calendar
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Assign a Category to an Appointment
  • Update Calendar Entries


Scheduling Meetings

  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Reply to a Meeting Request
  • Propose a New Meeting Time
  • Track Meeting Responses
  • Update a Meeting Request
  • Cancel a Meeting Request
  • Print the Calendar


Managing Contacts

  • Add a Contact
  • Sort Contacts
  • Find a Contact
  • Generate a Map
  • Edit a Contact
  • Delete a Contact
  • Print Contacts


Managing Tasks

  • Create a Task
  • Edit a Task
  • Update a Task


Using Notes

  • Create a Note
  • Edit a Note

Copy a Note


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