PowerPoint 2003 – Beginner and intermediate


Introduction to PowerPoint 2003. Topics include using a design template and text slide layout to create a presentation, using the outline tab and clip art to create a slide show, creating a presentation on the Web using PowerPoint, using visuals to enhance a slide show, modifying visual elements and presentation formats, and delivering presentations to and collaborating with WorkGroups.


Assistants, secretaries or any other person wishing to prepare presentations




2 days (15 hours)



Discovering and using PowerPoint

  • What is a Computer Assisted Presentation?
  • Rules of typography and presentation
  • Description of screen and Office
  • Assistants, contextual menus


Creating a presentation, layout of slides

  • Slides: bullets
  • Showing the ruler and benchmarks
  • Insert images, WordArt titles
  • Create tables
  • Create charts
  • Using “Design” tool bar
  • Add comments


Display options

  • Normal
  • Plan
  • Slide sorter
  • Slideshow


Improving a presentation

  • Apply a presentation template
  • Colors and backgrounds
  • Slides in brief


Using templates

  • Apply a conception template


Using masks

  • Slide masks
  • Document masks
  • Simple changes to these masks



  • Transition effects
  • Using animation


Colors and backgrounds



  • Hide slides
  • Check timing (minutes)
  • Carry out a slideshow automatically


Slideshow and printing layout

  • Header and footer of document
  • Header and footer of slides
  • Printing and options


Saving presentation