At the end of the training, the participant will have masterd Sage 300 ERP accounting software, formerly ACCPAC.



Anyone in accounting



Knowledge of Microsoft Windows

Knowledge of accounting



1. Installing and configuring the software
2. Cash

  • Petty cash management
  • Bank reconciliation execution
  • Bank deposits
3. Customers

  • Preparing sales invoices
  • The accounting record of sales
  • Sales analysis
4. Suppliers

  • Checking purchase invoices
  • Purchase registration
  • Disbursement registration
  • Accounts payable analysis
5. Inventory

  • Stock management
  • Merchandise inventory adjustment
  • Taking inventory
  • Commodity inventory assessment
6. Salary

  • Calculating payroll
  • Deductions at source and employer’s share
  • Registration of payroll and employer contributions
7. Preparing Reports for Governments

  • Calculate and remit GST and QST
  • Remittance of deductions at source and employer’s share
  • Personal income tax return
8. Perform Business-Specific Tasks

  • Cost-price analysis and calculations
  • Preparing budgets
  • Cost analysis
  • Calculating financial ratios
  • Year-end work, audit
9. Technical Support for International Activities

  • Calculation of net export prices
  • Form B3 and B13
  • Search for information in the harmonized system
 10. Activities Related to Project Management

  • Prepare the project
  • Structuring project activities
  • Coordinating the project
  • Survey and monitor the project
  • Close the project


Act 90 – Act regarding 1 %

If you are an employer whose annual payroll is $2,000,000 or more, then you are subject to the following Act: Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, also known as the “1 % Law“.

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