Spanish – Beginner Level


During the course, the participants will understand and use common everyday expressions as well as simple sentences.

At the end of the course, they will be able to converse on the following topics:

  • Introduce themselves or introduce someone else, ask questions about the other person and answer similar questions
  • Salutations, name, personal characteristics and describe their profession, nationality, give their address and telephone number
  • Talk about their family, friends, neighbors, workmates
  • Learn to describe people, their physical appearance and their personality
  • Describe their neighborhood, their city
  • The services that are offered
  • Touristic areas
  • Their preferences
  • Sporting and social activities, music, food and restaurants
  • Weekly activities
  • Daily activities, personal agenda, schedule, routine, work and school
  • Communicate in a simple manner when the speaker talks slowly and clearly




A placement test is suggested before registering for a course.






  1. Communication Content
    • Use Spanish in class
    • Introduce yourself, salutation, take a vacation and use formal and informal formulae in a social setting
    • Give and ask personal information
    • Express intentions, interests
    • Express cause and purpose
    • Talk about yourself, your family and your environment
    • Name the days of the week
    • Speak about habits
    • Ask and give information about daily actions
    • Identify, describe and locate a person, thing or locations
    • Order a meal in a restaurant
      • Ask and give information about food
    • Describe clothes
    • Know and use cardinal and ordinal numbers
    • Tell time
    • Discuss your tastes, preferences and interests
      • Inquire about those of others
    • Talk about the weather and temperature
    • Speak about your physical and psychological state
    • Express obligation, necessity, agreement and disagreement
    • Speak about past experiences
    • Speak about skills and aptitudes
    • Discuss qualities and defects
  1. Grammar
    • Basic principles of phonetics and spelling in Spanish
    • Introduction to tonic accent and the accents in writing
    • Use of ser, estar and hay
    • Verbs
      • Live, have, be, speak, work, study, please
    • Conjugation of regular and irregular verbs as well as their pronunciation
    • Definite and indefinite articles
      • Their use and omission
    • The noun
      • Gender and number
    • The adjective
      • Gender and number
      • Qualifier
      • Comparative and superlative
      • Relative and absolute
      • Possessive
      • Position
    • Personal pronouns
    • Direct and indirect objects, with or without prepositions
    • Forms of politeness
  1. Vocabulary
    • Basic vocabulary
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various topics


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