Mac OS X


At the end of this course, the participants will be able to use the Mac OS X operating system as a user.

The objective is to enable the participant to acquire basic theoretical and algorithmic elements in biocomputers, as well as understand applying these techniques.



All Mac OS X users



Introduction to computers or experience using a computer



  1. General presentation of the hardware and software

    • History
    • Evolution of the Mac OS X system
    • Differences between the various OS X versions
    • Evolution of the range of computers
    • Apple’s own lexicon
    • Specifics in the Mac / PC world
  1. General principles of Mac operations
  1. General principles of Mac OS system
    • Connexion panel
    • Auto-connexion
    • Many users connected simultaneously
  1. Presenting Finder (desktop)
    • Using volumes, folders and files
      • Presentation choice
      • Copying or moving
      • Choosing the associated application
      • Detailed information
      • Access rights
    • Menus and keyboard modifiers
    • Create alias to access documents faster
    • Delete documents and Trash
    • Customize windows
    • Connect to a shared folder on the desktop
    • Specific tools
      • Dashboard
      • Presentation
  1. Apple menu
    • Computer standby or shutdown
    • Restart the computer
    • Log off
  1. General principles of the file system
  1. Dock
    • Access a storage unit
    • Using a USB stick
  1. Handling files
    • Text mode
    • Graphic mode
    • Programmed mode
    • Metadata levels
  1. Handling content in text files
    • Modifying text files
    • Using electronic documentation
  1. Multitasks and process management
    • Multitasks
    • Process management
  1. Advanced use of the command interpreter in text mode
  1. Advanced use of Windows graphic interfaces
    • Aqua
    • WindowServer
    • Print


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