Tablets and iPads


At the end of this course, the participant will have discovered how to use an iPad or tablet.  They will be able to take advantage of this tool and will master the new tactile tablet from Apple.  They will understand the useful functionalities as well as the small tricks: navigating the iPad, using e-mails, surfing the Internet, the location using maps and multimedia.


The public




1 day (7.5 hours)



Store multimedia files

  • Select and move data
  • Consult photos
  • Navigate through music files
  • Store music


Configure the device

  • Managing applications
  • Add a second e-mail account
  • Modify the screen background
  • Use a photo frame
  • Protect your iPad
  • Delete data


Using the agenda

  • Use notes
  • Surf the calendar
  • Add or modify an event


Search and consult information

  • Search through the iPad
  • Display a map
  • Prepare directions
  • Use Street View
  • Save an address
  • Maps options


Send and receive e-mails

  • Add an account
  • Read e-mails
  • Send e-mails
  • Sort
  • Add contact
  • Surf through the address book
  • Configure e-mails



  • Watch a slideshow
  • Share and use photos
  • Listen to music
  • Podcasts
  • Configure music
  • Configure iPad


Surf the Internet

  • Connect using Wi-Fi
  • Surf a site on the Internet
  • Serf many sites on the Internet
  • Bookmark a site
  • Save an image from the Internet
  • Safari








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