For those who want to take an interactive course without leaving your office, home, etc., a Webinar is an intelligent choice!

In the form of a web-based live conference, the participant can take part in the Webinar using their computer, tablet or smartphone. During this class, several participants are online with the instructor. They cannot see the other participants, but the instructor can see all the participants. This course includes a question-and-answer session with the instructor.

Short, informative and relevant, the content of Webinars aims to improve the language skills of our clients using everyday and social situations, as well as situations found in the business world.

These Webinars are a communication tool and a well-established method that will effectively enhance your knowledge. In addition to common errors found in your chosen language, you will discover unique expressions used in this language, and even learn how to conjugate verbs in their various tenses.


Act 90 – Act regarding 1 %

If you are an employer whose annual payroll is $2,000,000 or more, then you are subject to the following Act: Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, also known as the “1% Law”.

For more information regarding these grants, please click on the link listed above.

Do not wait until the end of your financial year to plan your training activities!