Interpretation Services

ELC Professional Center offers high-quality consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for individuals and a wide range of public and private sector organizations. Thanks to our interpreters, we offer services in all languages, including ASL and LSQ sign language.

With our network of qualified, kind, courteous and discreet interpreters, we can meet all your requirements. They can also be adjusted to all contexts.


Simultaneous interpretation services

In our multicultural society, communicating with meaning is not only an issue, but also an ongoing challenge. With ELC Professional Center as a specialist in simultaneous interpretation, language is no longer a barrier to freely exchange ideas.

It is preferable to use simultaneous interpretation when it is not appropriate to frequently interrupt the speaker. Through simultaneous interpretation (or conference interpretation), the speaker can speak without interruption while the interpreter listens and transmits the message to the audience.


Consecutive interpretation services

Consecutive interpretation is when a person speaks, then the interpreter speaks in turn. Traditionally used in courtrooms, the demand for consecutive interpretation services is steadily increasing.

We understand the highly confidential nature of your information, whether it is personal, financial or legal information, or even confidential business matters. We will honour our commitment of confidentiality in all circumstances.


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