Business English


The goal of this Business English course is the acquisition of basic concepts of oral and written communication that will be used at work.

The participants will learn:

  • Grammatical and vocabulary concepts related to the business world, so they can acquire the linguistic skills needed to orally communicate at work in social settings.

This course is a tool tailored to the needs of the participants, and was conceived for those whose mother tongue is English or who would like to improve their writing skills.



Any person wishing to improve their business English skills



Know English or have passed the English placement test



  1. Grammar
    • Articles
    • Nouns and pronouns
    • Adjectives and adverbs
    • Prepositions
    • Conjunctions
    • Verbs
      • Regular, irregular and modal verbs
      • Verb tenses
      • Progressive, interrogative, negative and negative-interrogative forms
      • Active and passive voices
      • Procedures of instances
      • Contracted and popular forms
  1. Faulty Expressions
    • False-friends and particular meanings
    • Barbarisms
    • Americanisms
  1. Administrative and Business Correspondence
    • The letter
      • Forms of a letter
      • Letter content
      • Types of letters
    • Email
    • Memos
    • Summons letter
    • The press release
    • The communiqué
    • The report
  1. Communications
    • Know to listen
      • The importance of listening
      • Rules of intelligent listening
    • Know to read
      • Why read?
      • How to read
      • Professional readings
    • Know to speak
    • Oral communication
      • Over the telephone
      • Interviews
      • Meetings and conferences
      • Speeches
    • Tone and formality
  1. Commercial Style
    • Importance and goal of commercial communications
    • Psychology of commercial communications
    • Qualities of commercial communications
  1. Discourse
    • Telephone requests
      • Answering the telephone
      • Transferring calls
      • Taking messages
    • Basic negotiations
    • Presentations
      • Charts, graphics or diagrams
    • How to handle many speakers


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