Language Courses for Children

  • Does your child need help learning French, or any other second language, syntax or grammar rules?
  • Would you lie to introduce them to English, French or Spanish (the second most spoken language in North America)?
  • Do you want them to learn a new language, so as to stimulate their interest in international business and to improve their skills?
  • Is your child interested in a foreign language, such as Italian, German or any other?


Regardless of your objectives, ELC Professional Center is here to help! Our qualified instructors are dedicated in helping children and adolescents to learn or to improve their command of the language.


Our approach for our young clientele


Learning a language has never been so easy:

  • Learn a new language in an interesting and efficient way, all while having fun;
  • Encourage oral expression, not just theory;
  • Didactical material supporting preparatory, main and follow-up activities;
  • A well-structured program for 5 learning levels;
  • A personalized program for each participant, so that they can quickly get the results they seek.


Regardless of their age, our methods are all based on games and interactive relationships that develop throughout the course with the instructor.


Our Saturday classes for you and your child:

  • Why not register at the same time as your child for one of our Saturday French, English, Spanish or any other language class that are for both adults and children?


For further information, please contact us at (450) 667-3934 or e-mail us at