Mystery Shopper Services

  • Do you want to measure and improve the quality of your customer service?
  • Do your employees know your products and services well, so they can promote them to your clients?
  • Do your franchisees comply with your operational standards at all times?
  • Is your promotional material visible and properly installed in your business?


Client Loyalty

  • Losing a client is synonymous with losing money. Do you know the real cost of a disloyal client?
  • Companies spend a lot of money on recruiting clients, using many means: advertisements, emails, direct calls, and marketing. Once they have been recruited, clients are not always treated with the same high-quality respect…
  • Our Mystery Shopper service consists in targeting moments that are important to your clients, and turning them into concrete actions that will generate customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.


Why use the services of a Mystery Shopper?

  • Only 4% of dissatisfied clients will let you know they are unhappy.
  • 95 % of clients, who have had a bad experience, will not say it, and will stop coming to your establishment.
  • 68 % of clients, who have not returned to a business and purchased something, say it is because the employees seem indifferent to them.
  • It usually costs 5 times more to recruit a new client than to maintain an existing one (TARP Institute – USA).
  • For industrial and workforce companies, 20 % of the profits are lost in order to fix errors and defects (Phillip Crosby, Quality is Free).
  • For companies in the service field, the cost of poor-quality services can represent 40% of their business numbers (Phillip Crosby, Quality is Free).


In order to better meet the needs and expectations of our clients, our Mystery Shopper service allows us to measure:

  • The quality of your customer service and products
  • Service time
  • Employee knowledge and improve their performance thanks to up-to-date training, following the results from our Mystery Shopper
  • Sales techniques
  • The efficiency of posting and promotion
  • The cleanliness and safety of the establishments
  • Prices
  • Adhering to business policies for your own business or that of a competitor
  • The development of services offered in your business, from one visit to another, from one point of purchase to another
  • Your performance against that of your competitors


Mystery assessments can be done at a point of purchase, by telephone or via the Internet.


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