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Partner in your success and that of your company!

Learn a foreign language!


Learn a language as you learned your mother tongue

With our proven method, you will use conversation as a means to naturally learn te language of yoru choice, whether it is English, French, Spanish or any other language offerd by ELC Center.

Improve your computer knowledge!


Whether you are a user or a programmer, improve your knowledge in computers with our simple method.

Do you often use computer tools? Taking a course in Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint or another software can help you adapt your work to today's reality.
2D and 3D Computer Graphics courses offered!


ELC Professional Center offers 2D and 3D Computer Graphic courses.

Whether it is to learn how to create images of animation, or to edit a video, or even to create your own Website, our devoted artists are here to assist you.
Personalized and tailored adminsitrative and professional services


In order to constantly meet the concerns and needs of our clientele, ELC Professional Center offers professional and administrative services that are personalized and tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies:

  • Secretairal services
  • Translation services
  • Social media management
  • Computer repairs


Private training is a quick, efficient and great way to learn:

It allows optimal flexibility and is tailored according to the schedule and objectives of each client. On the other hand, our semi-private or group trainings are able to offer you great benefits.

Private (one single participant)Private (one single participant)

Progress at your own pace by taking a training that is tailored to your personal needs.

Semi-private (2 participants)Semi-private (2 participants)

Take a dynamic and personalized training with another participant who is of the same level

Group (more than 3 participants)Group (more than 3 participants)

Carefully chosen groups that ensure optimal homogeneity and fun learning

At your workplaceAt your workplace

You do not have to leave your offices. Save time and money on traveling.

At our officesAt our offices

Take advantage of an environment made for learning and work.

At a distanceAt a distance

Learn at your own pace, when and where you want.


  • The program and training measured up to my expectations. Excellent work from the instructor that I recommend! A big thank you to the instructor for her support and perseverance!
    Manon Levert// Boralex
  • The ELC Center has met our needs and were very availability. The training was tailor-made and we liked the fact that the instructor came to our offices to give the training. Also, her passion for teaching was present throughout the learning process. Thank you for everything!
    Geneviève Chabot // Interplast
  • Our instructor was amazing. Not only did she bring her teaching experience, but she also showed us a cultural element, which is important when learning a language.
    Darren Paré // Accord Expositions
  • Given that I take private courses, the fact that I can always learn at my own pace and specifically target topics that interest me is appreciated. I am very satisfied with my courses this year.
    Liubov Ovsyannikova // Construction Mausolée
  • The instructor was patient when it came to repeating what I did not understand. The explanations were said using words that helped me to understand. Also, I loved the flexibility of the schedule.
    Carole Séguin // Cuisimag
  • Mr. Bourta is the best teacher we have had. Not only is he very knowledgeable (knows the grammatical rules), but he has worked hard to improve our fluency and pronunciation.
    Louise Nadon // Institut Armand Frappier
  • My instructor is very pedagogical and understanding. She targets the participant's needs immediately. We were able to work together on my shortcomings.
    Souhila Alliouane // Galerie au chocolat
  • I loved the fact that my instructor was able to come to my workplace. Also, I liked that my course was tailored to my needs. She was a great isntructor, very positive, jovial, listened to my needs and was well prepared.
    France Rouillard // Les industries Railwel
  • The instructor was very attentive to my learning needs.he was patient and very flexible.
    Jocelyne Vandal / Le Simonet
  • I learned more things in the first two courses with Anton than when I took a full session with a competitor.
    Joannie Caron // Les Entreprises Rolland
  • I liked the instrudctor, she is good with explanations. She listened to my needs and was very communicative. I enjoyed everything.
    Edwin Benitez // Inoxia
  • The instructor was super, she listened to my needs and was able to answer my questions.
    Karine Payton // Filgo Sonic


ELC Professional Center is a company that specializes in

  • Training
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Services
ECL Professional Center is located in Laval. In addition to giving courses on the South and North Shores of Montreal, as well as the Montérégie area, the company offers its expertise throughout Canada.


Our wide range of training is always popular with our clients:

  • Languages
  • Information Technology (Office Automation, Programming, Project Management, Network and Safety, Cloud Computing, VMWare)
  • Multimedia – Computer Graphics
  • Accounting
  • Human Capital – Coaching


We are always listening to our clients and the market. What sets us apart from our competitors is our wide range of training and services. In addition, we offer them at your offices and across Canada.


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