Distance Learning

  • How would you like to learn a language when you want to learn it and go at your own pace?


There is nothing better than distance learning. What makes this training different from all other courses is: the participant communicates directly with the instructor by choosing the means of communication. They can even correspond by email (for written expression and written comprehension).


By combining flexibility, autonomy, diversity and quality of language courses, distance learning is one of the most attractive options:


  • It limits your traveling and time loss, thus saving in traveling expenses.
  • You can improve or continue your education regardless of time and location constraints.
  • You can benefit from our expertise by paying only for the services you use.


Choose among the following means of communication:


  • Videoconference
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • Email
  • Others…


Courses can even be carried out during or outside of office hours. All you need to do is specify when you are available.


Act 90 – Act regarding 1 %

If you are an employer whose annual payroll is $2,000,000 or more, then you are subject to the following Act: Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition, also known as the “1% Law”.

For more information regarding these grants, please click on the link listed above.

Do not wait until the end of your financial year to plan your training activities!