Language Courses for Individuals

Aimed at all those who want to learn or improve their language skills, whether for study, travel or pleasure, the programs of ELC Professional Center meet the needs of its clients and help them achieve their goals.



Encourage the desire to learn and improve your oral and written comprehension and communication skills!

Whether you decide to take a course in person or remotely, at our offices or at your residence, we offer private or group language courses.


We offer:

  • Intensive courses or at your own pace
  • A diverse range of courses and formats
  • Courses designed for all levels
  • Practical training focused on conversation and / or writing
  • Rapid learning progression


Training preferences:

  • Define needs and objectives to be achieved
  • Beginner to advanced language programs
  • Several teaching methods used
  • Course focusing on grammar, verb tenses, conversation, oral and / or written comprehension, or a combination of all these
  • Relevance of the material used during the course
  • Flexible schedule according to your availability
  • Any other request…



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