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In order to assist you in choosing a service, ELC Professional Center has Expert-Advisors who can determine your needs, identify the intervention techniques that are the best for you and the resources that are appropriate to your reality.  


Our services are divided into four parts:

Professional Language Services

Professional Computer and Multimedia Services

Professional IT Services

Other Professional Services

Our mission: Raising the voice of businesses!  Language specialists at the workplace and personalized services; that is what we offer.

  • Translation Services
  • Review Services
  • Interpretation Services :
    • simultaneous
    • consecutive


By confiding your language work to us, you can be assured of maintaining your company’s values and to get concrete results.

We are a supplier of technological solutions that offers many professional services in computers and multimedia.

  • Multimedia Services:
    • Video Production
    • Animation and Multimedia
    • Web Solutions
  • Computer Resource Services:
    • Technical Support
    • Network and Security
    • Computer Management
  • Development Services:
    • Design, Development and Updating databases
    • Project Management Support
    • Home-Based Software Development
    • Macro Production
    • Computer Assisted Presentation Production
    • Creating Websites


We constantly strive to surpass and to position ourselves on the market as the leading technological partner of choice for SMEs.  We offer full and integrated solutions that answer today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Our professional approach, which integrates a human aspect and develops your potential, encourages the totality of our services in IT. 

  • IT:
    • iCloud
    • Website Development
    • Software Development
    • Mobile Development
    • Network and Security
    • Project Management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Management and Guidance


Our professional practice is characterized by:

  • Our quality, which is guaranteed by using proven methods
  • Using diverse modern tools
We are an important partner at your service for all your needs in:

  • Secretarial Services
  • Virtual Services
  • Coaching
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Customer service assessment
  • Event planning
  • Room Rentals
  • Office Rentals


What separates us from the others is the quality of all the services we offer.

All our services are offered at your workplace, our offices or at a distance.  


Call us for a quote or information regarding our services!

Intelligence Artificielle - IA


Formation et assistance (coaching) sur l'IA.

Possibilité de subventions pour cette formation.

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