20 ideas to modernize workplace learning

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Do you know what you can do to bring the workplace more in line with modern day personal learning? Here is a short article about the 20 ideas to modernize workplace learning. http://modernworkplacelearning.com/activities/20-ideas-to-modernize-workplace-learning/ Do you the 6 key features of the way we learn today?

Visual Basic.NET

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OBJECTIVES At the end of this course, the participant will have the knowledge and skills required to develop applications in Visual Basic.NET.   Version Target Clientele Course Syllabus Visual Basic . NET All Positions in Development Visual Basic . NET Advanced :  Object Programming All Positions in Development     Act 90 – Act regarding 1

OBJECTIVES The participant will explore the differences and will learn about the new functions of Office 2013.   COURSE SYLLABUS 1. Office 2013 Common changes The ribbon Various displays of the ribbon File menu Backstage display mode Saving in Skydrive by default Quick Access tool bar Activate / deactivate the tactile function Tabs and complementary