Our Services

Always wanting to answer the real queries of its clients, ELC Professional Center offers personalized professional and administrative services tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized companies.


We offer services, such as:

  • Translation and Text Review
  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation
  • Virtual secretarial or secretarial services at the company
  • Human Capital and Coaching
  • Blog and Social Media Services
  • Mystery Shoppers


Our specialists and professionals are able to assist you with:

  • developing personalized solutions that meet your needs
  • supply expert advice or specialized assistance according to your requirements
  • quickly and effectively implement solutions that meet your expectations


To optimize process results, our specialists can supervise your project by using a rigorous and strategic support method, namely:

  • project cost estimates and discussions based on available budgets
  • development of a project schedule to ensure coordination of activities without hampering day-to-day operations
  • recommendations for specialized solutions, with further development options if necessary
  • agreement in principle regarding the terms of participation of existing personnel and managers


Services available:

  • in English and in French


Contact us for more information:

450-667-3934 Send an e-mail


Act regarding 1%

Our training services are accredited by the “ministère de l’Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale” and are subject to the Act regarding “compétences de la main d’œuvre sur la formation”. You can find all the information regarding this Act on the following Website (please note, the information is in French only):



As we are an organization that is certified by Emploi-Québec, we are able to fill out all required documents for you. Moreover, we can even find the contact person at Emploi-Québec!


Do not wait until the end of your financial year to prepare your training activities!

Intelligence Artificielle - IA


Formation et assistance (coaching) sur l'IA.

Possibilité de subventions pour cette formation.

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