French Business Writing


At the end of the course, the participants will have consolidated and improved their general knowledge skills in French writing. They will be able to solve language difficulties that are found in letters, forms and other administrative and business writings. They will learn comprehension and writing strategies, as well as grammatical structures that are specific in written communications. They will develop their vocabulary skills and learn about various textual structures.

The participants will be able to:

  • Write simple and short letters and messages (e-mails)
  • Use some specific connectors according to the type of text
  • Give simple written instructions in formal and informal settings
  • Compare elements in short descriptive texts
  • Write short biographical or narrative texts



Any person wishing to improve their French writing skills.

A placement test is suggested before registering for a course (exception: having taken and passed the prerequisite course).



Knowledge of French or having passed the French placement test.



  1. The Rules of Writing
    • Sentence analysis
      • Functions of the components
      • Types
    • Nouns
    • Articles
    • Adjective
    • Agreement of the past participle
    • Homophones
    • Punctuation concepts
    • Conjugation of verbs
    • Relative pronouns
    • Passive voice
    • Pronominal verbs
    • Indefinite pronouns
    • Prepositions
  1. Structure of a Letter
    • Headers
    • Body of the text
    • Footers
    • Usual forms in letters
  1. Introduction to the Criteria of Textual Cohesion and Coherence
  1. Writing Arguments
  1. Rules and Use of Addressing, Correspondence and E-mails
  1. Using Capital Letters, Abbreviations and Puctuation
    • Writing numbers
    • Separating words and texts (hyphens)
  1. Organizational Structure
  1. Bibliographical References of Printed and Electronic Documents
  1. Presentation, Disposition and Examples of Letters
  1. Other Administrative Writings
  1. Administrative and business forms
  1. Lists of common abbreviations and symbols
  1. List of Words and Expressions to Know
  1. Awareness of Anaphoric Referents
    • To avoid repetition in a text
    • Transition values of various connectors
  1. Lists of Toponyms
  1. Occupations, Trades, Titles, Functions, and Designation of People Using the Feminine Form


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