Social Media Management Services

To be well organized and efficient, it is essential to improve your return on investment by optimizing your working time.

  • Are you running out of time to manage your social networks?
  • Do you know what strategy to use and what type of content to integrate?
  • Do you know how your business can benefit from it?


What are the important social networks?

  1. With over 2.5 billion active users, Facebook remains in the lead. This platform continues to innovate to strengthen its role as an intermediary between users and businesses.
  2. In second position, Instagram follows the path traced by Facebook. Instead of sharing classic posts, you share visual and lifestyle experiences.
  3. In third position, LinkedIn allows the use of “social selling” techniques to play a lead generation role.
  4. With more than one billion active users, YouTube is in fourth place. When it comes to videos, this platform will have to pay attention to the irresistible rise of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. However, it remains the second largest search engine in the world behind Google.
  5. Even though Twitter‘s growth has slowed among the general public, this platform remains the platform of excellence for speaking out, working on the company’s image and its relationship with its customers.
  6. The Pinterest platform has tremendous potential for selling products. According to Michael Akkerman, Marketing Director of Pinterest, “75% of the 50 billion Pins are linked to a brand, either because a brand has published one of its products or because a user has pinned a product from a brand”.
  7. TikTok: the newcomer to social networks! In seventh position, this app on your mobile device allows you to record and display short videos. Since the acquisition and integration of, it has been a hit with young people with already 1 billion active users.
  8. After an explosion among young people, in eighth position, Snapchat is now losing speed against Facebook and Instagram. But with its 10 billion videos viewed every day, this platform suggests that it will bounce back.


Did you know…

  • Internet users spend on average 4 times more time on social networks than on search engines?
  • In 2019, 86% of Canadians used social media to communicate with businesses.
  • 57% of consumers buy more from a brand they follow on social media.


It has become more and more difficult to capture the attention of Internet users on social networks, so you have to be active:

  • by feeding pages and discussions
  • by answering questions and comments from Internet users


This continuous task requires time and knowledge. By hiring the services of a firm specializing in social media management, you will be able to direct your efforts according to your target and your field of activity.


The advantages of using our services:

  • Waste less time finding, designing and displaying “posts”
  • Retain your existing customers and find new customers (prospects)


We offer (without limitation):

  • The implementation of a strategy
  • Invitation requests on LinkedIn, Facebook, others
  • Video services for social networks
  • Content creation
  • Planning and publishing content by analyzing the best times to publish them


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