Administrative Assistant Services – Virtual or at your Offices

ELC Professional Center, finally a solution to your search for manpower!

  • Are you looking for a virtual assistant solution that will allow you to meet the changing needs of your business, all while giving you the opportunity to remain flexible?
  • To face the current situation (COVID-19) which promises to be long, would you like to learn to work with collaborators who are increasingly teleworking?
  • Are you overwhelmed and is your work piling up?
  • Do you have an emergency and are running out of time to do it?
  • Do you need an assistant, but do not want to hire a supernumerary person? 


 Professional secretarial services are great for:

  • Employers who face a prolonged absence from a staff member
  • Small and medium-sized companies
  • Schoolboard
  • Self-employed workers
  • Students


The benefits of using the services of a virtual assistant:

  • Cost reduction (pay only for the hours worked)
    • You need not supply any equipment
    • No benefits, deductions at source, vacation, nor sick days to pay
  • Increase in productivity, delegation of administrative tasks
  • Flexible schedule


Professionalism… Availability… Confidentiality!!!


Here is a list of services offered:


  • Managing calls and customer follow-ups
  • E-mail management and sorting (answering e-mails)
  • Tasks management and follow-ups in Outlook
  • Managing agendas, planning and appointment scheduling
  • Use of CRM to manage clients
  • Planning business trips, meetings and conferences
  • Microsoft Office, Office 365, Exchange Server, Outlook
  • Tables, charts, and data presentations
  • Writing and typing letters
  • Writing:
    • Letters and other administrative documents
    • Layout and Word processing
    • Newsletters
    • Procedure and employee manuals, and service contracts
    • Information binders
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Databases
    • Resumes
  • Review, correction, editing, translation, transciption
  • Preparing estimates
  • Retouching and digitization, faxes, photocopies
  • Internet services, documented searches
  • Mail and courier services
  • Mass mailing



  • Bookkeeping
  • Data input
  • Data entry, compilation, and analysis
  • Payroll services and management
  • Billing
  • GST / QST remittance
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Budget preparation
  • Year-end reports


How it works (collaborating at a distance)

A wide variety of tools are used to get the job done efficiently, with high quality standards and precision, all while meeting the required deadlines.

A timer account (time management software) is created to track your projects, and we will give you the necessary information to access your account.

We can schedule meetings either by video conference (use of several platforms: Zoom, Teams, Facebook Rooms, etc.), by telephone conversation, or we can go to your offices.



In order to ensure confidentiality, a service agreement is drawn up for this purpose. Please know we never divulge our clients’ information and ensure there are no conflicts of interest.


Competitively priced services


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