Francization – Intermediate Leve


This course emphasizes the training needs of allophone immigrants, as they already have basic communication skills. They will develop their intercultural proficiencies. The participants shall strengthen their knowledge of French and implement strategies which will bring their abilities to a higher level of complexity.

At the end of the course, they will be able to:

  • Understand the basics when using clear, standard language
  • Get by in most situations while traveling in a region where the target language is spoken
  • Produce a simple and coherent speech on familiar topics and in their areas of interest
  • Relate an event, an experience or a dream, describe a hope or a goal and briefly state the reasons or explanations for a project or an idea
  • Devise projects for the future
  • Formulate hypothetical projects
  • Make and set an appointment
  • Express cause, consequence, or goal
  • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities
  • Better understand a French speaker



Immigrant, new arrivals, allophones, Canadian citizens who would like to improve their French language skills



Having taken the Francization – beginner level course, or knowledge of the French language



  1. Thematic Content
    • Simple and organized speeches
    • Detailed and structured speeches
    • Communicate about concrete topics
    • More complex communications
    • Pinpoint past actions over time and express their duration and frequency
    • Express an action in progress using the past tense
      • Talk on the phone; take, leave and forward messages
    • Express feelings and interests
    • Summarize and tell a story and jokes in the present tense
    • Express usual actions in the past tense
    • Expressions of the future
    • Express recent actions in the past tense
    • Describe the characteristics and purpose of an object
    • Giving advice and expressing certainty, uncertainty and ignorance
    • Express prohibition, obligation, impersonality and habit
    • Make suggestions
    • Speak in the past tense using the discourse connectors
    • Express cause and consequences
    • Express wishes, hypotheses and their consequences
    • Write a column on past events
    • Speak and argue about subjects of personal and professional interest
    • Defend an opinion, express disagreement and participate in a debate
    • Talk about a speech
  1. Grammatical Content
    • Pronominal verbs in the present and past tenses
    • Past tense in a story
      • Distinction between imparfait and passé composé
    • Probability
      • si + present
    • Future tense
    • Present Subjunctive Mood
    • Past participle agreement
    • Introduction to passive voice
    • Subject – verb agreement
    • Adverbs
    • Adverbial propositions
    • Conjunctions
    • French expressions
    • Gerunds
      • form
      • basic use
    • Place and order of pronouns
    • Possessive pronouns
    • Demonstrative pronouns
  1. Vocabulary
    • Vocabulary according to situations and communication intentions
    • Detailed and general vocabulary
    • Psychological description of a person
    • Geographical and spatial location
    • Verbs and verbal expressions
    • Expressions of cause
      • parce que
      • à cause de
    • Expressions of purpose
      • pour + infinitive
    • Expressions of consequence
    • Expressions used to convey an opinion
    • Idioms
  1. Oral Expression
    • Various topics


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