Windows 10


At the end of this course, the participants will be familiar with the Windows 10 operating system.  They can quickly navigate their workstation using the start menu, taskbar, and multiple Windows. They will be able to efficiently manage their files and folders.



Managers, administrative staff, and new Windows 10 users






  1. Windows 10: What’s New

    • Start Windows 10
    • Creating a password
    • Restore a Microsoft account password
    • Discover the Office
    • Discover the start menu
    • Open or activate a new session
    • Close a session
    • Shut down the computer
    • Using Cortana
  1. The Applications
    • View all apps
    • Launch an application (start a program)
    • Activate an open application
    • Exiting an application
  1. The Windows

    • Description of Windows
    • Move/change the dimensions of a window
    • Collapse or close a window
    • View Windows side by side
    • Automatically organize Windows
    • Organize applications/Windows in virtual desktops
  1. Viewing Files and Folders
    • General information on the personal file
    • Discover File Explorer
    • Manage the quick access list
    • Change the presentation of the display area
    • Change the Organization of the file view
    • Access recent files/locations
    • Find files and information
  1. Storage Units

    • Access a storage unit
    • Using a USB stick
  1. File and Folder Management

    • Open a file
    • Create a folder
    • Manage file or folder selection in Explorer
    • Copying folders or files
    • Move folders or files
    • Rename a file or folder
    • Delete folders or files
    • Manage files/folders located in the trash
    • Compress files (zipper)
    • Decompress a compressed folder (de-zipper)
    • Send files by email
    • Burn a file or folder
    • Share files
  1. Search
    • Search using File Explorer
    • Perform a search from the desktop
    • Perform a search using Cortana
  1. Customizing the Desktop

    • Customize the desktop background
    • Manage desktop shortcuts
    • Customize the taskbar
    • Manage standby
    • Change the system date and time
    • Set screen resolution
  1. Customizing the Start Menu

    • Manage thumbnails on the start menu
    • Customize the left pane
  1. Managing the Printer and External Devices


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