Interpersonal Conflict Management


When we want someone around us to change their behavior, we sometimes avoid telling them for fear of hurting them and damaging the relationship.  We prefer to say nothing rather than risk hurting him or rendering him aggressive. However, we are dissatisfied with this relationship, and it is better to tell the other person what we dislike about the way they are acting.

These interpersonal conflicts not only harm the relationship between individuals, but this can lead to significant costs for companies and constraints during the company’s operational activities:
  • Slow down of operations,
  • Possibility of a strike,
  • Sabotage,
  • Behavior that is unproductive or harmful,
  • No action taken on the part of the employee,
  • Etc.


Description Target Clientele Course Syllabus
Interpersonal Conflicts Management Anyone who manages a team



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